Ambient Intelligence


  • Jeslin Mathew Department of Information Technology Bypass Square,Rewas-Devda Road,Mandsaur(M.P),458001



Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is a new world where computing devices are spread everywhere, which allows the human being to interact in physical environments in an intelligent and unobtrusive manner. Ambient Intelligence combines the concepts ranging from ubiquitous computing to autonomous and intelligent systems. The main vision of ambient intelligence is to ultimately provide empowerment to the computers with the benefits of added convenience, time and cost savings, and possibilities for increased safety, security, and entertainment. The technology has the potential to significantly impact the traditional business and government processes, as well as private life. The paper describes about the developments in ambient intelligence till date and its closely related counterpart, ubiquitous computing and communication. It discusses the driving forces behind this digital information technology, description on the equipment and devices involved and considers the future view of the technology.




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Mathew, J. (2016). Ambient Intelligence. Asian Journal of Computer Science Engineering(AJCSE), 1(01).

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