A Lexi Search Approach to Generalized Travelling Salesman Problem U. Balakrishna
There are n cities and N = {1, 2, 3… n}. The cost matrix C(i, j) [i, j=1,2,3,…..,n] is the cost of thesalesman visiting from city i to city j is given. We are given a partition of cities into groups. Therestriction for the salesman is that he should visit from one group to another group. The problem is to finda feasible tour for n cities for the salesman with minimum total cost with the above restriction. Wepropose a Lexi Search Algorithm based on Pattern Recognition Technique for solving “GeneralizedTraveling Salesman Problem” with an illustrative example.For this problem a computer program is developed for the algorithm and is tested. It is observed that ittakes less time for solving fairly higher dimension problem also.

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