Wireless Network Security Software Ameya Kisan Mohape
Wireless networks are more vulnerable than wired networks due to omnidirectional nature of electromagnetic radiation and no physical connection. Some of these networks are secured using cryptographically broken Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) while most are based on the newer Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2) encryption which is still vulnerable to a certain degree. Security of a Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) may be compromised due to user’s lack of technical knowledge, inbuilt flaws or an intentional attack. We have developed an application called Wireless Network Security Software – software with the capability to detect AP vulnerabilities and suggest prevention mechanism to increase security. The software detects AP vulnerabilities by performing attacks such as Man in the Middle (MITM), Denial of Service (DOS), MAC (Medium Access Control) address spoofing and DNS (Domain Name System) spoofing. It also automatically captures 4-way handshake and tries to crack the AP password using dictionary and custom wordlist attack. Prevention techniques are recommended based on the results of performed attacks on AP.

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