On Prognosis of Manufacturing of a Broadband Power Amplifiers based on Heterotransistors to Increase Density of their Elements with Account Miss-match Induced Stress and Porosity of Materials E. L. Pankratov
In the present time, several actual problems of the solid-state electronics (such as increasing of performance, reliability, and density of elements of integrated circuits: Diodes, field-effect, and bipolar transistors) are intensively solving.[1-6] To increase the performance of these devices, it is attracted an interest determination of materials with higher values of charge carriers mobility.[7-10] One way to decrease dimensions of elements of integrated circuits is manufacturing them in thin-film heterostructures.[3-5,11] In this case, it is possible to use inhomogeneity of heterostructure and necessary optimization of doping of electronic materials[12] and development of epitaxial technology to improve these materials (including analysis of mismatch-induced stress).[13-15] An alternative approach to increase dimensions of integrated circuits is using of laser and microwave types of annealing.[16-18]
Framework the paper, we introduce an approach to manufacture field-effect transistors. The approach gives a possibility to decrease their dimensions with increasing their density framework a broadband power amplifier. We also consider possibility to decrease mismatch-induced stress to decrease the quantity of defects, generated due to the stress. In this paper, we consider a heterostructure, which consist of a substrate and an epitaxial layer [Figure 1]. We also consider a buffer layer between the substrate and the epitaxial layer. The epitaxial layer includes itself several sections, which were manufactured using another material.
These sections have been doped by diffusion or ion implantation to manufacture the required types of conductivity (p or n). These areas became sources, drains, and gates [Figure 1]. After this doping, it is required annealing of dopant and/or radiation defects. The main aim of the present paper is analysis of redistribution of dopant and radiation defects to determine conditions, which correspond to decrease of elements of the considered voltage reference and at the same time to increase their density. At the same time, we consider a possibility to decrease mismatch-induced stress.

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