A Review on Reasoning System, Types, and Tools and Need for Hybrid Reasoning M. K. Goutami
Expert system is a programming system which utilizes the information of expert knowledge of the specific domain to make decisions. These frameworks are intended to tackle complex issues by thinking through the learning process called as reasoning. The knowledge used for reasoning is represented mainly as if-then rules. Expert system forms a significant part in day-to-day life, nowadays, as it emulates the expert’s behavior in analyzing the information and concludes decision. This paper primarily centers on the reasoning system which plays the fundamental part in field of artificial intelligence and information-based systems. The hybrid reasoning system is defined as a reasoning which integrates two different types of reasoning that must provide qualitative and quantitative forms of reasoning. The qualitative measures are efficiency, reliability, productivity, and robustness whereas quantitative measures include time, multi-criteria optimization, and resources such as mass and so on.

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